Dr Sam Roberson visits RBAI Geography Department

The RBAI Geography Department were delighted to welcome Dr Sam Roberson from the Geological Survey of Northern Ireland to talk to their Year 11 students. Dr Roberson discussed related material from the GCSE topic ‘Restless Earth’, a theme the students covered this year. In his talk the boys got the chance to hold rocks from different periods in the geological history of N Ireland and had explained to them how each of the rock would have formed and been altered over time.

Many of the theories discussed in lessons were brought to life and everyone enjoyed learning more about the formation of the landscape we have around us, places like the Giants Causeway, Marble Arch Caves and the Antrim Plateau.


Dr Roberson later addressed the Year 12 and 13 geography students, providing a useful insight into how geography could be a useful area of study at university and what future careers this might provide. He talked about the transferable skills the students gain while studying the subject and why they appeal to employers.

This was again well received by the boys and the personal experiences he discussed provided many with food for thought and the encouragement to research new pathways previously not considered.