Rowing Event – Lagan Head, Saturday 7th February

The RBAI Rowing Club will take to the Lagan this Saturday, 7th February, for the first of the winter Head of the River Races.  The two races will feature crews from all over Ireland and will provide strong competition for all involved.

There are two races beginning at 10am and 1pm.  The first race will feature over 100 boats of all sizes and will be raced over a 2,700 metre course meandering from the Albert Bridge, beside the Maysfield leisure centre, up to the Boat Houses at Stranmillis.  This race will feature 5 Inst crews, racing as numbers 111, 119, 139, 140 and 144.  The first crew to start is numbered 101!!

The second race is a demanding 4,200 metre event, utilising the full course available on the Lagan taking the crews from the Odyssey Arena up to the Boat Houses.  This will be a real test of endurance for the boys and is only open to 4 and 8-man boats.  This race will feature 50 boats.  RBAI Rowing Club will race 2 boats in this main event with the two crews starting 5th and 14th.

This is the biggest event on the Lagan rowing calendar and a very good opportunity for anyone interested in the sport to get close to some very high-level racing.  A few good spots to watch the race include the towpath near the Ormeau Bridge, the towpath just before the King’s Bridge, the final turn at the Governor’s bridge or the railway foot-bridge near the Waterfront Hall (for the second race only).

Once the racing is over feel free to also come along to the Boat House and show your support to the boys and their coaches for their continued efforts.