Hockey: Ralph Spearman Trophy

The RBAI Hockey Club was delighted to recently receive the Spearman Hockey Trophy. The Trophy was presented to the school club by the members of the 1961 Burney Cup winning team in memory of their mentor Mr.Ralph Spearman. Mr.Spearman was appointed to the teaching staff at RBAI in 1949 and soon became the main driving force behind the school Hockey Club. He retired from the staff in 1986.

The Spearman Hockey Trophy was designed and made by Michael McCrory, a member of the 1961 Burney Cup winning team. The trophy has eleven hockey sticks grouped together with the name of a team member engraved on each stick. The hockey sticks are silver gilt and the base is oak stained black representing the school colours. There are silver name plates attached to the base for the engraving of names.

The trophy will be awarded, on an annual basis, to the RBAI hockey player who has (in the opinion of the school) contributed most in terms of the promotion of the good name of the school hockey club.

The 1961 Burney Cup winning team was The 1961 Burney Cup team was RAH Armstrong, CFJ Russell, BM Taylor, JA Morrison, JG McIlroy (capt), J Darling, BP Caul, HW Taylor, M McCrory, TL Jacques, H Cullen.

The Spearman Hockey Trophy 1