Rowing: Portadown Regatta 2/5/15

Tomorrow, Saturday 2nd May, is the annual Portadown Regatta, held a 1km stretch of the river Bann in the south side of the town.

RBAI Rowing Club will be well represented with a total of 13 crews (listed below) competing in the two-lane event.

This is the first regatta in the summer rowing season for the Inst boys and we will be hoping to get a few wins out of our selected crews as they face opposition from Methodist College, Coleraine AI, Belfast RC, Portadown RC, Bann RC, as well as crews from Dublin and Carrick-on-Shannon.

The racing starts at 8-30am, with the first RBAI crew racing at 8-46am.  The racing will continue until 6-00pm, with races scheduled to start every 4 minutes.

Good luck to all the boys as they try to get their summer season off to the best possible start.

I would encourage any supporters interested to come down and enjoy the atmosphere of a local rowing regatta as well as get the opportunity to cheer on the crews in black and yellow!!

For further information about the regatta timetable please feel free to follow the link to the Rowing Ireland website…

List of RBAI crews for Portadown regatta:

Senior 4x-: Josh Hoy, Lucas Prodohl, Brent Whiteside and Andrew Mallon

Junior 18 8+: Brent Whiteside, Angus Harley, Jamie Dickson, James Emery, Conor Craig, Peter Bowman, Michael Gaston, Harry Hetherington and Michael Honan

Junior 18 4x-: Nick Reid, Angus Harley, Brent Whiteside and Michael Gaston

Junior 18 4+: Michael Gaston, Conor Craig, Darragh Patterson, Peter Bowman and Michael Honan

Junior 18 2x: Angus Harley and Brent Whiteside

Junior 18 1x: Nick Reid

Club 4x+: Josh Hoy, Lucas Prodohl, Nick Reid, Andrew Mallon and Rory Hulatt

Club 2x: Josh Hoy and Andrew Mallon

Club 1x: Nick Reid

Junior 16 4x+: Harry Hetherington, Jamie Dickson, James Emery, Tom Glynn and Michael Honan

Junior 16 1x: Harry Hetherington

Novice 4x+: Tom Glynn, Morgan Lavery, Daniel Lowry, David Patterson and Rory Hulatt

Novice 1x: Darragh Patterson