Arrangements for Rowers competing at Queen’s Regatta

Meet at boat club – 6-30am – NR/HH/JH

Load mini-bus and leave for Castlewellan – 6-45am

Arrive in Castlewellan – 7-30am

Unload trailer and rig necessary boats:   J18 1x, J16 1x, Club 1x

Second group arrive in Castlewellan Forest Park no later than 12pm – MG/AH/BW/CC/DP1/PB/CH/JD/JE/TG/DL/ML/DP2/MH

Rig:         J18 4x-, J18 2x, J16 4x+, Nov. 4x+ A, Nov. 4x+ B

The boats will be de-rigged and loaded back on the trailer once they have finished being used for the day.

Trailer and bus leave Castlewellan –  7-00pm (at the latest, potentially earlier, depending upon draw)

Arrive back at Boat House – 7-45pm (approx.)

Returning on bus – NR/MG/HH/AH/CC/DP1/PB/CH/JE/JD/TG/DL/ML/DP2/MH

Once you have finished racing for the day and de-rigged your boat(s) and tied it to the trailer you may go.  It is imperative, however, that you tell either Mr Warnock, or myself, in person that you are leaving and are travelling home with a parent or guardian previously approved by your parents!!  The above list is for those who can return to the boathouse by mini-bus.  If your name is there but you know you will be making your own way home then please speak to me, or call the School front office asap.  There may be additional space for anyone who needs a lift to the Boat House.  Also, anyone additional to the list at the top who would like a lift to Castlewellan in the morning should call the School front office and leave a message or speak to myself asap.

The forecast is not too bad for Saturday but ensure you bring appropriate clothing, as little shelter will be available during the day.  Also, bring sufficient food and water for the day, as well as some study materials (not laptops/ipads) as there should be plenty of time throughout the day to get some additional studying done.  Also, bring your own 10mm and 13mm spanners to allow for quicker rigging/de-rigging.  Make sure you have appropriate racing kit with you along with additional layers for your warm-up.

Finally, if you are being collected/dropped off please encourage your family to stay around for a while to support you and your crew-mates.

Any problems see me asap or ring the School front office (028 90 240461) and leave a message.



J18 1x – NR

J16 1x – HH

Club 1x – JH

J18 4x- - NR,BW,AH,MG

J18 2x – BW,AH

J16 4x+ - HH,JD,JE,TG,MH

Novice 4x+ -       ‘A’ – JE,ML,DL,DP2,MH