Dill House


Senior Housemaster: Mr MH Lyttle BSc, P.G.C.E.


In 1925 the School Song was written and boys were required for the first time to wear the yellow and black quartered caps.  A year later the house system was introduced, with the four houses Dill, Kelvin, Larmor and Pirriebeing named after prominent Instonians.

Dill House acquired its name from Sir Samuel Dill (1844-1924), the distinguished Ulster-born classical scholar and educationist.  He was born in Hillsborough, County Down, educated at the Royal Belfast Academical Institution and what was then Queen's College, Belfast, held the chair of Greek at Queen's from 1890 until his death in 1924, and was also Pro-Chancellor.  He had previously been a fellow of Corpus Christi College, Oxford, and High Master of the Manchester Grammar School.  As a member of the Belfast University Commission in 1909, he played an important role in the transformation of Queen's College into a university. Samuel Dill was knighted in 1909.

The Dill Memorial Lecture, founded in 1925 to perpetuate his memory, is given on a subject relating to the history, phliosophy, language or literature of the classical or  medieval worlds. The lecture is delivered every second or third year as occasion presents itself. 

Year 8: Mr ND Carson                              Year 9: Mrs CA Mayberry

Year 10: Ms Z Huston                      Year 11: Mr AJ Allen

Year 12: Mr RP Griffiths              Year 13: Mr JB Peak

Head of House: Kyle Abernathy

House Secretary: Curtis Gribben

Senior Prefects: Aaron Devine & Dermott Wallace

Valete: Corrie Barrett, Rhys Carson, Rhys Corscadden, Charlie Fryers, Jason Galbraith, Ryan Henderson, Daniel Hewitt, Daniel McCrory, Ross McCully, Ben McGavock, Ryan McKee, Philip Moneypenny, Jamie Morton, Andrew Mould, Max Patterson, Seely Pratt, Ethan Taggart, Bailie Thompson, Andrew Wallace, Jack Warnock, David Whitten, Richard Williamson (Year 14)

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Year 8 Dill with Mr Lyttle and Mr Carson


Firstly, I would like to take this opportunity to welcome all new pupils entering Dill House, particularly those in Year 8. I sincerely hope that you will find your time at Inst enjoyable and rewarding, and that you will take full advantage of all the available opportunities. I would also like to wish last year's Upper Sixth success in their future plans and thank them for their contribution to both the academic and the extra-curricular life of the school throughout the last 7 years.

Various members of this year's Upper Sixth have been appointed Prefects, namely: Kyle Abernathy, Cai Armstrong, Aaron Devine, Sam Fryers, Curtis Gribben, Conor Hamill, Harry Hetherington, Jamie Morwood, Conor O'Neill, Adam Thompson, Dermot Wallace and Owen Wallace. In addition, the following boys have become Year 8 Mentors: Curtis Gribben, Jamie Morwood, Aaron Devine, Dermot Wallace and Daragh Patterson. Mentors are there for the Year 8 to help ease the transition from Primary to Secondary School. I want to wish all Prefects and Mentors the best of luck in these challenging, yet rewarding new roles.

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House Honours were awarded to the following boys in Lower Sixth: Niall Armstrong, Josh Booth, Sean Cathcart, James Cooke, Rory Glasgow, Ethan Glover, James Hoy, Tom Kyle, Ben Lambert, Daniel Lowry, Ross McBurney, David McCann, James Metcalfe, Jamie Mullan, and Peter Simpson.

This has been an exciting and productive year for all members of Dill House yet again. It is worth reflecting briefly on the excellent academic success of the pupils in the summer. At A2 level, Richard Williamson achieved A*BBB and Ben McGavock AAB, with Jack Warnock and David Whitten both getting ABB. Such success was continued at AS level, with Curtis Gribben achieving AAA plus an A* in A2 Maths. In addition, Conor Hamill achieved AAAA, Aaron Devine AAAB, Chris Horner & Dermot Wallace AAA, and Adam Horner AAB. At GCSE level, there were many more fantastic results. David McCann achieved 5A* 4A 1B, James Cooke & Daniel Lowry both got 3A* 7A 1B, James Hoy 3A* 6A 2B and Bailie Kirkwood 2A* 7A 2B. This is merely a snapshot of the results and congratulations must go to all pupils who sat challenging exams in the summer.

Dill placed 2nd overall in the House Championship last year, losing out to Jones by just 4.5 points. We won a number of individual events including Badminton, Rowing and, most notably, the Senior Rugby Pirrie Cup, being the first time in recent years Dill has won the competition. Furthermore, Dill House placed 2nd in even more events, namely: Corrie Cup, Swimming, Waterpolo, Volleyball, Football, Junior Sports Day and, last but not least, the House Cook-Off. I would like to praise anyone who participated in last year's House Championship in any way; your dedication to Dill House is exemplary and will hopefully pay off this coming year.


Many individuals have made notable contributions to both the House and the School over the past year but two boys who desire a mention are David McCann and Niall Armstrong who played for Ulster Schools in the recent Rugby Interprovincial matches.

Curtis Gribben (House Secretary)