Rowing: Event 06/06/15

Tomorrow is the annual Schools/University Races on the Lagan. RBAI will be boating two crews to compete against Methodist College, Portora RS and Bann Rowing Club.

The times of the events are as follows:

Senior Semi-finals - 10-30

Junior Time trial - 11-40

Junior Finals - 13-00 (this is only for the two fastest crews from the time trial) Senior Finals - 15-55

The crews will be:

Senior - Rory Hulatt, Brent Whiteside, Angus Harley, Andrew Mallon, Daniel Hewitt, Nick Reid, Lucas Prodohl, Michael Gaston and Josh Hoy

Junior - Michael Honan, Jamie Dickson, James Emery, Tom Glynn, Harry Hetherington, Morgan Lavery, Daniel Lowry, Peter Bowman and David Patterson

The crews will be racing over a 2,000metre course from just downstream of the Ormeau Bridge to Cutters Wharf.