A Level Examination Results 2015

At the end of an outstanding year for RBAI, the Upper Sixth have achieved excellent A Level results. Their year can justifiably claim to excel in and out of the classroom. I congratulate the boys and their teachers on the increased achievements at A*, A, B and C grades, with the percentage of 3 A*-C grades significantly up on previous years. Well done to all the boys, particularly those who have achieved their target grades and who worked so hard to realise their potential.

In particular, I would highlight several students from the year group who have excelled across all of their subjects:-

Garrett Bell                                                     3A

John Darling                                                   2A* 1A 1B

Jacob Davidson                                              1A* 2A 1B

Patrick Dolaghan (Head of School)                3A

Thomas Donaldson                                         3A* 1A

Mark Farmer                                                   1A* 3A

Mark Fitzsimmons                                          1A* 2A

Michael Gribben                                             3A 1B

Ethan Harbinson                                             2A* 2A

Andrew Hewitt                                               3A

Christopher Hogg                                           3A* 1A

Andrew Hopkins                                            2A* 1A

Cameron Irvine                                               3A 1B

Ted Mackey                                                    2A* 2A

Louis Magowan (Deputy Head of School)    2A* 2A

Jamie McIlveen                                              3A 1B

Daniel Murphy                                               3A* 1B

Kiran Robbin                                                 1A* 2A

Patrick Nicholas                                            3A

Congratulations to the Class of 2015!!

The Lower Sixth also worked hard to achieve their targets and grades, with several noteable results from the year group:

Advanced Mathematics A2 (taken year early)

A*       Dylan Braithwaite, Jack Irvine, Benjamin McConkey, Ryan Scorer, Rory Walsh

A         Peter Goad, Richard Williamson, Simon Woods (Head of School 2015/16)

B         Charles Bedi (Deputy Head of School 2015/16)

The number of AS students achieving 3+ A*/A continues on an upward trend, reflecting both the ability of the boys, their motivation and the high quality of teaching:

Jacob Baird                 4A

Omar Belkassam        3A

Dylan Braithwaite      4A

Max Brankin               3A 1B

Brian Donnelly           3A 1B

Harry Gallagher          4A

Omar Helmy               4A

Cameron Hilditch       3A 1B

Jack Irvine                  3A

Peter Kerr                   4A

Stuart McCaughan      4A

Neil McKane              4A

Carson McKee            4A

PJ Moth                      4A

Mond Parissis             4A

Ryan Scorer                3A

Rory Walsh                 3A

Peter Watson               4A

Richard Watters          3A 1B

Simon Woods             3A


Daniel Murphy, Jacob Davidson and Chris Hogg celebrate achieving a total of 7A star, 3A and 2B grades between them


Deputy Head of School Louis Magowan achieved 2 A*s and 2 A grades


Omar Helmy was one of several boys who achieved 4 A grades at AS Level

Ted Mackey achieved 2A* grades and 2As, he now looks forward to taking up his place at Cambridge University


 Thomas Donaldson achieved 3A*s and an A

(NB: Results as received by the school on the 12.8.15)

Janet Williamson, MA Oxon, NPQH


13 August 2015