GCSE Examination Results 2015

Congratulations to the year 12 on their excellent examination results, raising standards even further at RBAI. With over 75% of all grades A*-B, and 21 departments over 90% A*-C, we have a lot to celebrate.  I stand by our commitment to enable each boy to reach his full potential.   In some cases we have exceptionally gifted students for whom success is 10+ A*/A. In other instances we are equally proud of the student for whom, having worked hard, a C or B grade is a real achievement.

This year, several boys have achieved noteable success:-

Charles Cloke                                                  4A* 6A

Michael Corbett                                              7A* 4A 1B

Aaron Devine                                                  2A* 8A 1B    

James Emery                                                   3A* 8A

Corbin Fahy-McLear                                      1A* 7A 4B

Peter Garrett                                                    7A 3B

Bailey Gribben                                                3A* 7A 2B

Curtis Gribben                                                 9A* 3A

Conor Hamil                                                   4A* 3A 4B

Angus Harley                                                  8A* 3A

Cameron Harte                                                7A 3B

Harry Hetherington                                         2A* 5A 4B

Cameron Hooks                                              5A* 4A 2B

Christopher Horner                                         7A 2B 1C

Andrew Knape                                                9A 1B

Ross Macleod                                                 4A* 5A 2B

Isaac Main                                                      2A* 7A 1B

Robbie Marrs                                                  4* 7A

Clark McIlveen                                               1A* 8A 2B

Theo Millar                                                     10A* 2A

Jamie Morewood                                            1A*6A 3B 1C

Petter Morrison                                               8A* 2A

Conor O’Neill                                                 8A 3B

Daragh Patterson                                            8A 3B 1C

Daniel Penney-Gallagher                               2A* 6A 1B 1C

Mark Rowney                                                4A* 7A

Ben Sloan                                                       4A* 7A

Mustafa Thwaini                                            4A* 6A 1B

Dermot Wallace                                             2A* 6A 2B

Jack Woods                                                    1A* 6A 2B

Peter Bowman 6 A*  3A   1C

Noah Demeuldre – 2A*  5A  2B  1C

Well done to the boys and colleagues on these super results.

To see the reactions of some of our boys to their exam results click the link below:


Janet Williamson MA Oxon; NPQH


(Results – 20 August 2015 – 11.00 am)