Churchill Fellowship Update from the Principal

The Principal is on the final phase of her Winston Churchill Fellowship research trip, having taken time out to watch the Schools’ Cup final online and host the first Australia & New Zealand Alumni Reunion in Sydney for a decade.

Reflecting on the Schools’ Cup victory, Miss Williamson commented "What a season for RBAI. I am so proud of the team, their coaches Mr Soper and Mr Hedley, the rugby club and all our supporters. The boys have made history and build on the school's proud rugby legacy."

The final phase of the Fellowship has focused on the work at the Positive Education Institution of Geelong Grammar School, which seeks to teach students valuable life skills on which they can increase their learning capacity. Positive Education focuses on specific skills to strengthen relationships, enhance personal resilience and encourage a healthy lifestyle. There are significant practices which complement the outstanding pastoral work at Inst, which seeks to promote the personal development of each pupil.


Meeting with Professor John Hattie, to discuss the Wellbeing report, Victoria State 2016

In addition, meeting with Professor John Hattie; Director, Melbourne Education Research Institute, University of Melbourne, has highlighted the importance of evidence based research for staff professional development and school improvement.


Melbourne Grammar School with Mr Andrew Bayliss, Director of Learning and Research , and Mr Ben Hamisch, Director of School Curriculum

Miss Williamson states "Greater alignment between the external professional bodies would potentially address the concerns highlighted in the recent OECD report, which reports on the good practice in education in NI, however promotes the need for a more rounded group of measures to assess knowledge, skills, progress and personal development.”

The multiple visits to schools in Melbourne and Geelong have been critically evaluated by the Principal to identify appropriate and relevant best practice to contribute to development planning for RBAI and to contribute to educational discussions within the South Belfast Area Learning Community, the GBA and the Association of School leaders. The full report will be published on the Winston Churchill Fellowship website during the summer term.


Principal with senior students from Geelong Grammar School