Appeal for Books 2016


The Community Service Group is supporting the work of Mr Roger Warnock, Churchill Fellow, who runs “The Thinking Cup” on the Lisburn Road and “The Book Reserve”.   The Book Reserve is two businesses in one:  a café (The Thinking Cup) and an online retail business (selling second hand books) that has been set up to specifically employ up to 12 young parents who have had contact with the justice system. 

The project is led by Social Indigo and Work West and also supported by a range of partners including Barnardo’s and Bryson Charitable Group who will be working closely with young adults offering tailored parenting advice and guidance both pre and post release.  Globally this is a unique project and gives young parents employment and training over a 12-month period to re-integrate them into society, give them the additional support that they need to become good parents, and creates a sustainable business that will be both profitable and provide continuing support to young at risk parents in the longer term.

We are looking for second hand books, which can be left in the Front Office between Monday 18 April and Friday 22 April 2016.  If you needed an excuse to clear out the attic or old bookcases, hopefully this provides the perfect opportunity.  Thank you, in anticipation for your books.