GCSE Examination Congratulations and Highlights 2016


The pupils, parents and staff of RBAI celebrated their GCSE Examination success with CCEA’s Chief Executive Mr Justin Edwards and Director of Qualifications Mrs Anne Marie Duffy. Mr Edwards congratulated  the pupils on their GCSE examination results which demonstrate the ability of the boys and their commitment to their studies.

The boys have collectively achieved over 35% A*-A with the overall results showing further increases on previous years at A-C and across departments.

Individual highlights include  Aneurin Duffin-Murray with 12 GCSEs -  10A*2A; David Stewart 12 GCSEs – 7A*5A. Ben Connolly, Matthew Shane and Donal Shearer 11A*; Ethan Sloan 11A*/A 1B ; Hugo Lowe 10A*1A;  Patrick Lyons 11 A*/A 1B ; Michael Darling 10A*/A 1B 1C.


Alex Burns, Ben Connolly, Matthew Fleetham, Matthew Shane, James Cooke, Aneurin Duffin-Murray, Donal Shearer, Henry Pattison and Michael Darling celebrate excellent GCSE results.

Donal Shearer, Ben Connolly and Matthew Shane who each achieved 11A stars and Aneurin Duffin-Murray with 10A stars and 2 As celebrate with the Principal, the CCEA's Chief Executive Justin Edwards and Director of Qualifications Anne Marie Duffy.