Coming to INST? This is why you are making the right decision…

Year 8 parents recently attended a coffee afternoon which provided an opportunity to hear about how the Year 8 at settled into life at Inst as well as experience a little of the residential at Ganaway. The coffee afternoon also not only provided an opportunity to update parents, but it also provided an opportunity for parents to provide us with feedback about Year 8 induction and why they chose to send their son to RBAI.

Great pastoral care and the boys look out for each other. 2

Great pastoral care and the boys look out for eachother.

It is very encouraging that 100% of parents told us that the induction afternoon in June, the information booklets provided and the support of the form tutor were all either useful or very useful in helping their son to settle into RBAI. Over 90% felt that their son had settled either well or very well into a variety of aspects of school life. 

Parents were also asked to identify the reasons for sending their son to RBAI and responses included:

  • The school’s reputation
  • Great pastoral care
  • Academic success
  • Supportive teachers
  • Reputation for “knowing boys”
  • Rounded academic & sporting opportunities
  • Ethics and school values
  • Reputation for getting the best performance from boys of varying abilities
  • Balance between academic & extra-curricular
  • Results
  • Feedback from other parents
  • Reputation for exam success
  • Well-rounded education
  • The Principal knows the boys and the boys look out for each other
  • Excellent teachers who really care.

Inst offers a balance between both academic and sporting opportunities 2

Inst offers a balance between both academic and sporting opportunities.


In addition when asked if they thought their son had settled well into school, parents made the following comments:

“I am pleasantly surprised by how quickly my son has settled into RBAI given he is a quiet boy.”

“My son has settled in very well, with no problems at all!”

“My son is very happy and has made new friends very quickly.”

“My son has settled in well through participation and engagement in a range of subjects.”

“Great induction process and made welcome in all activities.”

“My son has settled really well – he loves INST!”

“My son has coped very well with the changes “big school” brings….thank you for making this an easy process.”

“My son is loving his new school.”

“Has my son settled well? Absolutely! He loves it! We have been very impressed so far.”

“My son is loving every minute.”

“My son has settled well particularly as he was from a small primary school and knew no one at RBAI.”

“We couldn’t be more pleased at how our son has settled in.”


Parents have chosen Inst for providing a well rounded education 2

Parents have chosen Inst for providing a well-rounded education.