Day 5: Commerce Week

Day 5 began at the Almac Group in Portadown. Almac are one of the world's leading drug manufacturers with over 4,000 employees across the world in countries such as USA, Malaysia, Canada, Brazil, Taiwan and their headquarters in Northern Ireland. The group was given a talk on the role of Almac within the world's drug manufacturing market, part of which focused on careers within Almac. Following on from this, we were given a tour of the company's production process before being served a very welcome lunch by the pharmaceutical company. A massive thank you must be given to Sinead O'Connor for taking the time out of her busy schedule to take us round the company's headquarters and for lunch.

Our final visit of the week was at Moy Park -  across the road from Almac. Our tour guide, Michael, gave the group a tour of the factory whilst revealing to us that 2 million tonnes of chicken are processed within the factory a day. He also revealed that the company makes a total amount of sales a week of £5million. Like Almac, Moy Park work on a global scale and are one of Europe's leading chicken processors, employing over 3,000 staff. Many thanks to the team at Moy Park for providing a fascinating insight into the company.

Moy Park was the conclusion of our week at Northern Ireland's top firms. It must be acknowledged that none of this would have been possible were it not for Colin Johnston who gave up a lot of time to arrange the unique and diverse week of experience for us. On behalf of the boys, we would like to thank Colin for all the hard work he put in in order to make this week so enjoyable and successful.

David Mitchell 13K