David Gatward returns to RBAI library

David Gatward returns to RBAI library 2nd December 2016


Following a successful visit last year, it was great to welcome children’s horror writer, David Gatward, back into the library, and this time for a whole day of activities! Armed with a bumper pack of toilet paper, a gas mask and a box of random objects such as a bus ticket and telescope, David’s arrival at the library was met with bemusement! However, all was soon revealed… discovering how to make a character feel real, David’s idea of transforming boys into Egyptian ‘mummies’ with the aid of several rolls of toilet paper, went down a storm with year 8!

Turning to World War 1 in the creative writing sessions for the afternoon, David’s gas mask, his word board and sound effects were all aimed at encouraging boys to unlock their creativity, to discover the hidden writer lurking within. What a terrific day!

‘It sounds as if the world’s biggest firework factory just blew up, but it is so much more. It’s like fireworks, but its guns; guns, bombs and death. It is almost as if we can sense the Grim Reaper overhead, taking away the souls of the dead’ (Jack Hollway 8K)

‘Mud: everywhere: smoke covers the gap between us and the enemy. Then, they emerge, Germans, in gas masks, the mustard gas being blown back from them as they fall ‘.(Caleb Smyth 10D).