Year 10 get wise about money!

Year 10 Business Studies students at RBAI have just completed 8 weeks of the Ulster Bank’s Moneysense for Schools programme. Each week volunteers from Ulster Bank came into classes to teach the pupils about key issues of Online Banking, Budgeting, Payment Methods, Borrowing Money, Interest Rates and Debt.

Classes used a series of interactive online resources as well as discussing practical examples from the real world. Video clips and quizzes were also part of the learning experience.


Comments by boys involve include:-

“I will use what I have learnt to help me save money and budget better”

Tom Swaffield

“What I have learnt in the last 8 weeks will be very helpful to me as I would like to have a career as an accountant”

Scott Keatley

“The Moneysense course has provided an invaluable source of knowledge. I hope this knowledge of how to an independent and self-reliant person will last for a long time – we have had an effective learning experience and one we have all enjoyed”

Jonathan Kernoghan

The course was considered to be very worthwhile by all the boys involved and RBAI would like to thank the volunteers from Ulster Bank who made the lessons so enjoyable.