Inchmarlo Top of the League at AQE

There is a new spring in the step of our P7's this morning following an outstanding set of AQE results at the weekend.  All of the boys achieved above the entry score for RBAI from last year with over 50% of the boys achieving over 110. Most importantly all the boys’ test scores accurately reflected the tracking that we have in place since they first joined the school.

Results like these deserve congratulations to a number of people. 

Firstly the teachers from Primary 1 to Primary 7.  They are the people who have put in place the building blocks of learning, who have developed resilience in the boys and who have set the standards required for them to achieve what they were capable of.

Secondly to the parents who have supported the boys throughout their primary school career and have invested as much into the process as they possibly could in order for their child to achieve his best.

Finally, the biggest congratulations should go to the boys. They have been excellent throughout their time at the prep.  Their desire to be the best that they possibly can be and their focus for the last six months in preparing for the AQE, have all contributed to producing these fantastic results of which we are all very proud. Well done boys!!!

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