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Our swimmers had a truly memorable  trip to London once again where they retained the Otter Challenge Cup at St Pauls School in Hammersmith on Thursday afternoon.

On Friday at the London Aquatic Centre at the Olympic Park our team won The Bath Cup in a winning time of 3 min 42.45 sec, fending off very stiff competition from Elizabeth College, Guernsey, Whitgift and Campbell College and then later that same day won the Otter Cup in a winning time of 1 min 51.52sec.  The team was comprised of: Michael Hewitt (12D),  Captain Cai Armstrong (14D), Jack McMillan (13J) and Thomas Hall (11D) with reserves Pearse Ferguson (11P) and Joshua Bradshaw (10P).

As a consequence of the BOIA dinner at the House of Lords on the Friday evening, our supporters this year  included the Chairman of the Board, Mr Colin Gowdy, Mr Ian Corry and Mr Peter Anderson who were all absolutely thrilled to witness this success.

The boys later enjoyed a tour of the House of Lords with Lord Laird before being welcomed in to the BOIA reception with the cups.

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