Eco Club at the Young Environmentalist Awards

The eco club was started in 2010 primarily for key stage three pupils and has continued to go from strength to strength. Recently, the boys have enjoyed success by entering the ECO-UNESCO Young Environmentalist Awards with a project on the theme of "waste and the importance of recycling".

The pupils involved have worked diligently to gather evidence, using a DVD diary, on sustainable development issues within school; To construct a ‘litter monster’ to demonstrate the negative aspects of creating waste and to produce posters to be displayed around school to raise awareness of global waste issues.

As well as our participation in the Young Environmentalist Awards, the eco club are working towards achieving a green eco flag for the school. Pupils have been raising awareness of ‘green issues’ by taking assemblies, going on fieldtrips to recycling plants and taking part in ‘green workshops’ run by the Belfast City Council.