Legacy of Brigadier John Sinton ; V.C.

Brigadier John Sinton , R.B.A.I. 1899-1902 , was awarded the Vitoria Cross for conspicuous gallantry at Mesopotamia in 1916. Over one hundred years later his grandson Mr Nial Watson attended the assembly of RBAI to present the school with a documentary biography of The Brigadier. In addition and in collaboration with Friends of The Somme , the school was presented with The Sinton Film Archive containing 19 rolls of 16mm double film positives which are a record of John Sinton’s work with the League of Nations Malaria Commission in India and the Far East. They are an important photographic document of the life and career of John Sinton and his family during the early and mid 20th Century.

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(Left to Right; Mr Nial Watson,Principal, Mr Martin Brennan ( Friends of The Somme))