Update from former pupil Alastair Herron


Former pupil Alastair Herron who left RBAI in June 2013 having achieved 7A* in his A levels will be graduating from Stanford University in California in June.  He was accepted to the chemistry ‘honors program’ at Stanford, which entails the writing of a thesis on research and taking several advanced classes in chemistry. He is also continuing to take classes in Japanese language and aims to take some level of the Japanese government's proficiency exam (JLPT) in the near future.

Since January, he has been considering multiple options for PhD study in chemistry and was accepted to Princeton, MIT, Cornell, Wisconsin, UC Berkeley and The Scripps Research Institute. He visited a number of these institutions over the past few months and has now decided to attend the Scripps Research Institution with a view to studying new chemical reactions using palladium catalysis. Although not a university, Scripps is a private research institution with graduate students and professional scientists which has emerged as a powerhouse for high-impact research in the chemical and biological sciences. It is located in La Jolla, California, which is just north of San Diego, and collaborates with various pharmaceutical and biomedical companies in the area. At Scripps, he will join the lab of Prof. Jin-Quan Yu, who specializes in the area of C-H bond functionalization and is a recent recipient of a MacArthur Fellowship. As part of their offer, Scripps has also awarded Alastair with a Dean's Fellowship for outstanding academic record and interviews.

Alastair has sent some photos from his recent time in Japan where he was participating in a research group with Professor Nakao at Kyoto University.

Alastair1 resize

(The research group of Prof. Nakao at Kyoto University)

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(International Symposium on Homogeneous Catalysis in Kyoto, July (Alastair was an assistant atthe conference and also presented a poster on research))

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 (SSOCJ Conference on Synthetic Organic Chemistry, Niseko, Hokkaido)

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  (SSOCJ Conference on Synthetic Organic Chemistry, Niseko, Hokkaido)

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(Kinki Chemical Society Annual Conference on Organometallic Chemistry, Tokyo)