Business Insight 2012


Recently, RBAI’s Business Studies Department (with help from the Careers Department) hosted its annual Business Insight Conference for all Year 13 pupils. The day was facilitated by Barbara Hume from Sentinus. Throughout the day students developed their team-working, decision-making, problem-solving and communication skills as they worked in teams of 8 alongside a volunteer from the local business community. They also gained an insight into the various functions that exist within a business from marketing to production to finance.

Deciding how to spend an advertising budget, designing a company logo, writing a radio advertisement, preparing a 90 second presentation, organising the production of badges and negotiating with both English and foreign language buyers were just some of the tasks the pupils faced throughout the day. Pupils entered into all the tasks enthusiastically and a competitive spirit was evident!

Many thanks to all the business volunteers who assisted us.

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