RBAI joins Cairnshill Primary School for Numeracy Week

Cairnshill Primary School extended a warm invitation to the RBAI Maths department to join them for their Numeracy Week. Mr. Allen and three ex-pupils, Matthew Bunn, Andrew Collins and Oliver Billing visited Cairnshill Primary School on Monday 12th March to join in.

Mr Allen inspiring the Cairnshill pupils

The day involved pupils in P1 and P5 having the opportunity to enjoy Maths and have some fun. The RBAI pupils were hugely involved and helped lead the P5s through a multitude of fun challenges in different areas including Number, Problem Solving and Shape and Space.

Oliver Billing helping pupils problem solve

The RBAI section was Handling Data, with pupils getting the chance to collect data on each other including how far they can stretch! This info was then collected in a database and the pupils will get to analyse it in the future. In the final session of the day Mr. Allen joined a P1 class. It was fantastic to see a group of young mathematicians being inspired to seek out how numbers work and challenge themselves to think logically.

Matthew Bunn timing pupils stacking cones

Everyone had a great time and I would like to thank Mrs Currie for inviting us into school. A special mention should go to Mrs Manning and Mrs Neill for their excellent organisation of the event and the whole Cairnshill staff for dreaming up such wonderful activities. We hope the rest of the week is as big a success and we’re looking forward to the next one already.