2018 Scholarship & Exhibition Programme Opens

Scholarship Web Story

Driven by core values of excellence and participation, RBAI is renowned for the range of opportunities it offers its pupils. The Scholarship & Exhibition programme rewards excellence and outstanding ability, giving our most talented academics, sportsmen and performing artists the best possible opportunity to fulfil their potential.

Whilst the majority of Scholarships & Exhibitions were awarded for two years in the autumn of 2017, a number of one-year awards are available this academic year (2018/19):

The Stephen Martin Elite Sports Scholarship

The Andrew Seth Junior Performing Arts Scholarship

The Andrew Seth Senior Performing Arts Scholarship

A Rugby Exhibition

The Lillian May Hubbard Exhibition For Music

Please click here to review the specific details relating to each award. The closing date is 4pm on Friday 28 September and application forms received after this time will not be considered.