Dual in the Pool

Duel in the Pool at Willow Park, Black Rock, Dublin.

20 boys from Inchmarlo, Year 8 and Year 9 travelled to the ‘Duel in the Pool’ at Willow Park in Dublin last week.

Willow Park 1

It was a very successful outing for our year 8 and 9 boys with Seb Berryman winning 2 gold medals, Daniel Beggs winning gold and silver, Max Whiteley 2 silver, Freddie Clark a silver and Charlie Gaw a bronze.


The Year 8 relay team of Seb Berryman, Daniel Beggs, Max Whiteley, Ben McCracken and Ben McKee touched in gold medal position in the freestyle team relay and finished 2nd in the medley team relay.

WP relay

Willow Park won the over competition with the RBAI/Inchmarlo team finishing in second place.

It was a great day out, with some super swimming, our boys thoroughly enjoying the whole experience.