Instonians Mini Adventure

This Is An Amazing Story.

An Amazing Journey.

A journey of innocence, naivety, adventure and foolhardiness.

But a journey - impossible to repeat today!

3 young adventurers – 2 Instonians from Belfast and one from Letterkenny set off on a 14,000 mile overland trip to Singapore - in an Austin Mini 7.

They have to battle with 22 languages, 22 currencies, strange food, border officials, customs, suspicious characters, danger, illness, breakdowns, sandstorms, rough accommodation, lack of signposts, no sat nav, no mobiles, no backup - just a map and lots of good luck.

So how did our adventurers get to Singapore – let’s take a look

Belfast, England, France, Monaco, Italy, Yugoslavia, Croatia, Serbia, Macedonia, Greece, Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Israel, The West Bank, Iraq, Iran, Pakistan, India, Burma, Thailand, Malaysia, and Singapore.

A journey that took almost 4 months to complete, but with memories that would last and influence them, for a lifetime.

Alan had an Irish passport and when stopped at the Pakistan/India border the officer shouted “De Valera”.

With a 16mm film camera and several rolls of black and white film they captured their surreal journey to share with us almost 50 years later. Along with hundreds of photographs and slides, we get a unique insight into a time when travel was possible, dangerous and exciting.

Sadly Peter Newman died in 2008 but his daughter Andrea Newman has kept his letters and memorabilia. Alan Speer and David Harvey are still alive and recount their global stories to us along with Andrea.