Kelvin House

Housemaster - Mr R. G. Pattison, B.A., P.G.C.E.

Kelvin House was one of the original four Houses, founded in 1926. It is named after the scientist Lord Kelvin, who was born William Thompson at 17 College Square East, Belfast. He attended the Belfast Academical Institution, where his father was a Maths Professor. He later graduated from Cambridge, where he was a champion rower and one of the founders of the university music society.

As a scientist his achievements were many, but he is probably best remembered for his work with temperature, his discovery of absolute zero and his new scale of temperature, now known as the Kelvin scale. He also played a major part in the plans for the laying of a transatlantic telegraph cable, linking Ireland with Canada.

Among many honours and awards were President of the Royal Society, Edinburgh, Chancellor of Glasgow University and Lord Kelvin of Largs. He died in 1907 and is buried beside Newton in Westminster Abbey. A statue in his honour was unveiled at the Botanic Gardens, Belfast, in 1913.

Kelvin House

Year 8: Mr S McMullan      Year 9: Mr JH Seath

 Year 10: Miss P Miller    Year 11: Mrs  K Parks

     Year 12: Mr RK Hedley     Year 13: Miss K Mitchell

Head of House: Jack Greene

House Secretary: Jonathan Fitch

Prefects: Charlie Bedi (Deputy Head of School), Conor Field, Jonathan Fitch, Jack Greene (Deputy Head of School), Cameron Hilditch, Neil McKane (Senior Prefect), Ben McKeown, Ross Murphy

Year 8 Mentors: Charlie Bedi, Jonathan Fitch, Jamie Gordon, Jack Greene, Neil McKane, Ben McKeown.

Salvete: Year 8: JAI Beattie, IG Bolton, T Carolan, PN Carson, EKC Chan, KWT Cheuk, PAJ Craig, RT Doherty, LC Fox, DY Gondane, CJ Grattan, ADM Hamill, JS Hegan, RTJ Hetherington, RTW Johnston, AJ Lemon, MJF Lowe, L Lowry, JA McConkey, MT McDermott, RJ McGowan, AJ McMullan, JA Medhurst, DC O’Brien, RJ O’Toole, FV Skelton.

Valete:  Year 14: JH Brown, RG Clarke, EJL Cunningham, JHE Davidson, EJ Harbinson, AW Hewitt, R Jenkins, BK Johnston, GA Locke, TAJ Luke, RJ McDowell, ETC McKnight, PRM  Nicholas, CWJ Powell, DAJ Shaw, J Shepherd, TA Whittaker, MC Young; Year 13: R Campbell, J Henderson, S Wilson.

Year 13: R Campbell, J Henderson, S Wilson.

Year 12: A Bouazza, A Duff, C Fisher-Murray, A Macartney.

Firstly I would like to take this opportunity to welcome the new Year 8 pupils, and those entering Kelvin House. I hope they will enjoy their time at RBAI, contributing as much as possible to the house and to the school on their academic journeys. As I welcome new members to Kelvin House, I bid farewell to those members of the Upper Sixth who have left. We wish them all the best on whatever path they decide to take.

IMG 0099 11

Back Row: Donal O'Brien, Rory O'Toole, Felix Skelton

Third Row: Ross Johnston, Aaron Lemon, Myles Lowe, Lex Lowry, Joshua McConkey, Matthew McDermott, Ramsay McGowan, Alexander McMullan, Joshua Medhurst

Second Row: Paul Craig, Ruairi Doherty, Louis Fox, Declan Gondane, Christopher Grattan, Andrew Hamill, James Hegan, Reuben Hetherington

Seated: Jamie Beattie, Isaac Bolton,Teao Carolan, Mr. Pattison, Mr. McMullan, Patrick Carson, Edmond Chan, Kai Cheuk

Academically, Kelvin House was well represented with top GCSE and A Level results. At GCSE level, Charlie Cloke achieved 4A* and 6As, Corbin Fahy-McLear was awarded 1A*, 7As and 4Bs, while Andrew Knape achieved 9As and 1B. Furthermore at AS, both Richard Watters and Cameron Hilditch achieved 3A and 1B, whilst Peter Watson and Neil McKane were awarded 4As. Rory Walsh achieved 3A and 1A* in A2 maths, taking the whole A level in one year. At A2, Andrew Hewitt and Patrick Nicholas were awarded with 3As, whilst Jacob Davidson achieved 1A* 2As and 1B.

Kelvin House had a successful house campaign last year, winning the House Championship for the fifth time in six years. This was due to fine victories for Kelvin in the Pirrie Cup for senior rugby; in water polo; in volleyball; in junior hockey;

in senior cross country and both junior and senior sports days. These wins are essential to the championship and no doubt will be built upon this year to maintain the House Championship.

Outside of House events, in Year 9 Alex Hewitt and Jack Dickson played in the NCU cricket squad, alongside Sam McLarnen from Year 10. Conor Field, in Year 14, continued Kelvin’s impressive rugby tradition by his selection for Ulster Schools, alongside Joseph Finnegan. Conor is captain of the School 1st XV this year. Kelvin also boasts strong debaters in Charlie Bedi, Jack Greene, Neil McKane and Peter Watson who all represented the School at the European Youth Parliament. Also, Neil McKane and Peter Watson journeyed to Ethiopia with Habitat for Humanity, whilst Jack Greene went to Romania. Congratulations are due for these astonishing individual achievements. It may be added that over £200 was raised in charity collections throughout the year during House Assembly.

To conclude this year’s Kelvin House Report, special thanks are in order for Mr Pattison and the form tutors for their committed efforts, ensuring that each boy in their tutor group reaches their potential. Whether it be on the sports field, the stage or the classroom, Kelvin continues to excel!

Jonathan Fitch

Kelvin Pupil Cup/Award

IMG 2094 1

Conor Field is awarded the Kelvin House Cup by Mr Pattison for exceptional service to Kelvin House.