Maths Olympians

Maths Olympians

The background to the competition

The Intermediate Mathematics Olympiad is open to pupils in the UK and beyond. It is aimed at pupils in Year 12 and below. Those who receive a gold award have scored in approximately the top 6% of people entering, with those achieving silver in the top 13% and bronze the top 40%.

The top 500 pupils in the UK qualify for either the Cayley, Hamilton or Maclaurin extension papers depending on their age. A further 5500 pupils qualify for one of the kangaroo extension papers.

In total there are three Olympiads which attract over 600 000 entries from over 4000 different schools.

Our success this year

This year we have had our most successful year ever. A record number of four pupils, Robert McGibbon and Andrew Ruddell in Year 12, Cameron Irvine in Year 11 and Kieran Davis in Year 10 have scored in the top 500 pupils. In addition to this another five pupils Douglas Pola and Matthew McClenaghan in Year 12, Daniel Murphy and Jacob Davidson in Year 11 and Omar Helmy in Year 10 qualified for a kangaroo extension paper placing them in the top 6000 pupils in the UK. This meant we had 11 gold, 9 silver and 13 bronze awards.

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