Kindles Hit The Library

Kindle Pilot 018


Mrs Lindsay is really looking forward to encouraging a few lucky boys from Year 8 to enjoy reading in a whole new way! Pupils will soon be able to spot Kindles in the library where Mrs Lindsay will be doing some research into whether the latest technology helps boys to enjoy books on a whole new level.

The Kindle trial will be an addition to the Accelerated Reader programme, another of Mrs Lindsay’s successful projects introduced in 2008. A.R. has been improving the standard of literacy ever since and has hugely increased the number of boys who enjoy reading. 

Mrs Lindsay’s enthusiasm knows no bounds; she, along with a colleague from Bangor Grammar School, has also established the Northern Ireland Children's Book Award while still maintaining the highest standards in our library at Christchurch and organising visits by our favourite authors.  Pictured looking pleased with their new technology are some of the lucky Year 8 boys who will be taking part in Mrs Lindsay’s trial.