Government and Politics

Welcome to the web-page of the Government and Politics Department at R.B.A.I.

The Department has two full-time members of staff who aim to encourage students to develop a clearer understanding of modern-day political systems. The study of Government and Politics helps produce active and thoughtful citizens who can critically evaluate political argument.

Department Staff :

  • Mr. B.P. Waring
  • Mr. C.J.Leathley
  • Mr. C. Woods

Aims :

The aims of the Government and Politics Department at R.B.A.I. are :

  • To develop in pupils an understanding of various political perspectives.
  • To empower pupils to become thinking citizens of the twenty first century by learning to defend their views in class while listening and responding to opposing ideas.
  • To encourage pupils to acquire knowledge and understanding of authority and power within the political systems of Great Britain, Northern Ireland and the USA in particular.
  • To encourage pupils to become actively involved in the political process.
  • To produce consistently excellent academic results.


Curriculum :

Pupils study CCEA ‘A’ Level Government and Politics consisting of four modules covered across a two year period.

‘A.S.’ Government and Politics

The subject is chosen by approximately twenty pupils each year at ‘A.S.’ Level. There is one class which is allocated eight periods per week.

Year 13 (‘A.S.’) studies :
  • The Government and Politics of Northern Ireland.
  • The British Political Process.
‘A.2.’ Government and Politics

The vast majority of pupils decide to continue studying the subject on to ‘A.2.’ Level. One class is allocated eight periods per week.

Year 14 (‘A.2.’) studies :
  • Comparative Government (The U.K. and the U.S.A.)
  • Political Powers – where power resides in modern political society.

The teaching staff of the Government and Politics Department is fully committed to the extra-curricular life of the School. The Department offers pupils the opportunity to develop their understanding of their areas of study by providing an annual trip to Parliament Buildings at Stormont and by taking part on a regular basis in the B.B.C.’s ‘Let’s Talk’ programme where pupils have a chance to question political figures.

RBAI pupil comes first in Northern Ireland Government and Politics ‘A’ Level 

On Tuesday 21st December 2010 Conor Shevlin (who completed his ‘A’ Levels in the Summer of 2010),  attended a CCEA awards ceremony held at the Lagan Valley Island Centre in Lisburn. Conor was presented with an award reflecting the fact that he had been placed first in Northern Ireland in ‘A’ Level Government and Politics. Conor received his award from Mrs. Helen McClenaghan, Vice-Chair of the CCEA Council. 

Conor is currently studying Law at Newcastle University.

RBAI pupil comes first in Northern Ireland Government and Politics ‘A’ Level