Fulbright Teacher Programme


On Friday 15 June, the school hosted three American schoolteachers who have been teaching in schools in England as part of a Fulbright Teacher Programme.  They attended some classes in Modern Languages and History and met the Principal, Miss J. Williamson.

One of the teachers, Abigail Birhanu, wrote this about the experience:  “It was an opportunity to observe teachers and a school that takes pride in excellent academic achievement. The teachers were friendly and professional and one can see their passion for their respective subject areas. There is a positive ethos of high academic standards and social nurture all of which contribute to a setting that invites learning. Thank you for taking the time out of your very busy schedule to provide an opportunity for professional development; I very much enjoyed the conversations we had with the Principal, the teachers, and students. Many thanks for the hospitality.” – Abigail Birhanu Fulbright Exchange Teacher 2011- 2012

Dr Cotter and his American visitors

Year 11 pupils, Mr Newell and American visitors

The Principal and American visitors