National Eye Health Week 17-21 September 2012


Mr CA McKinstry, Chris Wilson, Conor Rankin, Michael Wright and Niall Dempsey

In advance of National Eye Health Week RBAI was delighted to welcome guests from the RNIB to take Assembly on Thursday 13 September 2012.

Mr McKinstry welcomed Michael Wright (ex RBAI now Aberdeen University, on a Summer Placement with RNIB), Chris Wilson (Business Development Manager for RNIB) and Niall Dempsey (Youth Development Officer RNIB) who gave the attached power-point presentation. During his presentation Niall congratulated Conor Rankin U6 on being named the RNIB Volunteer of the Year.

Niall also invited boys to visit the special RNIB display at the City Hall on 20 & 21 September and take the part in the ‘Blind Penalty Kick Challenge’