Media Studies Workshops - Directors of the Future

On Wednesday 24th October media students from Inst were thrilled to get an insight into one of the most exciting up and coming industries in Northern Ireland; the Media and Film Industry. The boys paid a visit to MGTV HD and Ka-Boom at Weavers Court in Belfast where they had the opportunity to get hands on with cameras, microphones and broadcast editing kits.

Pacemaker MGTV 02

MGTV HD is one of the leading video production companies in Northern Ireland specialising in bespoke TV programmes and corporate videos which they have produced for many local businesses. Here, the students gained valuable insight into an industry which is notoriously hard to get into; they were shown a selection of corporate videos, TV broadcast programmes and given a tutorial on the various aspects of video production and graphics.

At Ka-Boom the boys were literally blown away when they heard the amazing sound quality of 5.1 surround sound in the state of the art, purpose-built studios. They were also given a tutorial on the features of Avid’s Pro Tools sound design and treated to a viewing of some of Ka-Boom’s latest work in surround sound before getting a sneak insight into the ADR (Automated Dialogue Recording) voiced on “The Hunted” which is featured on BBC1 at present. Ka-Boom are Northern Ireland’s premier audio post-production facility, with four impressive studios. They produce high end recording for some major TV dramas including one of the hottest programmes on international television at present, HBO’s Game of Thrones, as well as dramas, commercials and voice-overs for local television.

Miss Williamson said “This is a terrific opportunity for the boys to see two excellent companies in the broadcast world. The boys were very impressed with the Sound and Vision aspects and it has fired their imagination in this field. There may be a budding Steven Spielberg in there somewhere!”

Kaboom 2