Charity Concert 2012

Inst has a musical tradition, which makes up some of the most highly anticipated and attended events in the school calendar. The recent charity concert is a shining example of this; it was performed over two nights with a high turnout for both events.  The concert raised, over two nights £4,268 for CLIC Sargent, a charity, which dedicates care to children and young people suffering from cancer.

The concert itself held a deeper significance for all involved and, in particular, for Mr. Bolton himself, as he disclosed that this concert was the 25th anniversary of his first charity concert at Inst.  The choice of music held a deeply nostalgic tone as the first and last pieces played by the choir and orchestra were the pieces Mr. Bolton opened and closed his first charity concert with (‘Largo from Xerxes’ by Handel and ‘With or without you’ by U2 respectively), thus emphatically marking a milestone in this great man’s career at Inst.

Each of the musicians involved in the concert rose to the occasion with a pitch-perfect performance from the choir and orchestra from the beginning of both nights to the end. The Jazz band played a particularly rousing set, complimenting and contrasting with the performance of the choir and orchestra perfectly.  Particular credit must go to the performances of: John Darling and Daniel Murphy for their violin duet, Luke Hastings and Martyn Garbett for their respective voice and guitar solos in Mr. Bolton’s rendition of Led Zeppelin’s ‘Stairway to Heaven,’ James Cromey for his solo voice part in U2’s ‘October’, Jamie McIlveen for his Oboe solo in ‘with or without you.’ And, of course, Cory Shen, who, despite feeling ill throughout both nights performed beautifully in a standalone solo and in many piano interludes and solos throughout the concert in various different pieces.  This year marks Cory’s final year at Inst as he hopes to attend Royal Academy in the next academic year. We all wish Cory the best of luck and his amazing ability will be sorely missed. 

Image 1

The full Choir and Orchestra

Image 2

Visually stunning – The Sound and Lighting Team did a fantastic job.

Image 3

Josh McCune, Shane Geery and Richard Creswell on the Guitars

Image 4

Saxophone Solo, Robbie Marrs - Running to Stand Still

Image 5

The Choir

Image 6

From right to left; Ethan McKnight, Ciaran Bittles, Matthew Blaney and Rory Douglas Smith performing Bullet in the Sky.

Image 7

Luke Hastings Solo, Stairway to Heaven