Trial use of rear gate for pupils going to Europa Bus/Train Station


Commencing Monday 7 November 2011 there will be a trial period of permitting RBAI pupils travelling to the Europa Bus & Train Station to exit school grounds via the rear gate into Durham Street, as well as via the front gate. This is to ease congestion at the front door of the school.

It is essential that pupils follow the safety procedures below:

  • On exiting the gate into Durham Street, turn left and stay on the footpath.
  • Take care when approaching Atholl Street (the small road leading to Long’s chip shop) as the pavement is narrow at this section. Care must be taken not to drift out into the road.
  • Take care when crossing this small street. Pedestrians do NOT have right of way and vehicles may be entering or exiting the street.
  • Cross Grosvenor Road at pedestrian crossing only.
  • Stick to the pavement within the railings at the corner of Glengall Street.
  • Stay on the left hand side of the road until past the taxi ranks and cross the street where the road narrows opposite the entrance to the Europa Belfast Conference and Exhibition Centre (adjacent to the bus station).
  • Under no circumstances are pupils to attempt to enter the bus station via the vehicle gates.

Advice has been taken from the local PSNI before commencing this trial. Please note that the gates will remain open for a period of 10 minutes only. This is to prevent pupils attempting to walk on their own to the bus station via this route.

Pupils will also have the option of continuing to exit via the front gate of the school.

The rear exit gate is only for use by those boarding Games buses or making their way to the bus/train station. It should not be used by those pupils waiting for lifts from parents. There are no security cameras in Durham Street and for reasons of personal safety, pupils should not make themselves a target by openly using their phones in the vicinity.

The trial will be reviewed after 1 month.