Year 10 & the Enterprise Zone

On Monday 14th November, 33 Year 10 pupils from RBAI headed to the Ramada Hotel at Shaw’s Bridge for Invest NI’s Enterprise Zone. This event was a packed 3 hours of interactive tasks designed to educate students about Entrepreneurship.Refreshments greeted the group on arrival before being briefed about the day - five zones to complete with 25 minutes in each zone, working in groups of 5 or 6 to develop a business idea. Pupils were challenged to think about how they could turn their passion for a hobby/interest into a business idea and then considered issues like target markets, business goals, USPs, market research, financial matters and branding.


It is fair to say that it was probably the Finance Zone that the boys enjoyed most – decorating cupcakes, working out costings, selling for a profit depending on quality and then eating the goods is certainly a fun way to learn about figures!

A packed lunch was provided and a goody bag for each pupil who attended. It was then back to school for the afternoon! Each team left behind their finalised business plan and time will tell if any prizes were won my RBAI!