Rugby Fixtures this week: 14/09/13

Please note the change in time for Friday's 1st XV Kick-off from 5.00pm to the new time of 6.00pm. 

Date: Saturday September 14th      
Fixtures   Opposition Venue K.O. Bus
1st XV Vs Ulster Youth Cranmore 1 6:00 PM  
2nd XV Vs Omagh 1st XV Cranmore 1 10:30am  
3rd XV Vs Lurgan Osborne 1 10:00am  
4th Xv Vs Omagh 2nd  Cranmore 2 10:30am  
5th XV Vs Lurgan Osborne 2 10:00am  
Medallion A Vs Omagh Away 10:30am 8:00am
Medallion B Vs Lurgan Bladon 10:00am  
Medallion C Vs MCB Osborne 2 9:00am  
U14A Vs Omagh Away 10:30am 8:00am
U14C Vs MCB Cranmore 2 9:00am  
U13A Vs Omagh Away 10:30am 8:00am
U13C Vs MCB Cranmore 3 9:00am  
U12A Vs Training Bladon 9:00am  
Players are reminded to wear full track suit for home matches and full school uniform for away matches.