Simplified rules for touch rugby

  1. Team in possession has 6 touches (1 hand) to play. After 6 are completed it is a turnover to the other team.
  2. When a player is touched they must ‘back up’ to the mark they were touched and play the ball. All plays and turnovers start with a roll ball. Roll ball between legs to dummy half as in league. Penalties are a tap as in rugby.
  3. Dummy half can run with the ball and score, however if he is touched in possession it is a turnover to the opposition.
  4. Defenders must be 5 metres back from a play the ball. Any player inside 5m is offside resulting in penalty.
  5. On the last touch the ball may be kicked to re-gather, grubbers or small chip kicks only. If it is not re-gathered and scored from the ball is turned over to the opposition.
  6. The ball will be turned over to the opposition for forward pass, dropped ball, incorrect roll ball, 6 touches.
  7. A try is worth 1 point and must be scored as in rugby.
  8. Matches will be 7 aside with rolling subs.