Larmor, Hyndman and Moore Scholarships 2014

Congratulations to recipients of the Moore, Larmor and Hyndman Academic Scholarships. The Board of Governors’ annual awards are made to those students who achieve at the highest level, to support further education and study.

Robert McGibbon 4 A*, 1 A Physics, Durham Porter
Andrew Ruddell 3 A*,   1 A Mathematics, Durham Moore
Daniel Clements 1 A*,   3 A Economics with French, QUB Moore
Tom Coyle 2 A*, 2 A Medicine, Glasgow Larmor
Kyle Walsh 1 A*, 2 A Biomedical Science, QUB Hyndman
Dylan Cargill 1 A*, 2 A Film & TV Production, Westminster Larmor
Daniel Platt 1 A*, 2 A Aerospace Engineering, Bath Larmor
David Trimble 1 A*, 2 A English, St Andrew’s Larmor
Cameron Black 4 A Zoology, Edinburgh Larmor
Mark Stewart 4 A Engineering, QUB Larmor
Michael Adair 3 A Economics & Management, Durham Larmor
Rory Bell 3 A GAP YEAR - DEFERRED Larmor
Toby Boyd 3 A Economics, Trinity College, Dublin Larmor
Chris Kyle 3 A Mechanical Engineering, Surrey Larmor
Joshua Lyness 3 A Art & Design, Ulster Larmor
James McGalliard 3 A Medicine, QUB Hyndman
Niall Nagar 3 A Biomedical Sciences, Newcastle Larmor
Chris Pennick 3 A Pharmacy, QUB Hyndman
Matthew Wilson (Dill) 3 A Medicine, QUB Hyndman
Gavin Murphy 3 A Law, Newcastle Larmor
Joel Casement 3 A Accounting/Finance, London School of Economics Larmor
Andrew Lambe 3 A Geography, QUB Larmor