Fencing: Elite Fencing squad gets the go-ahead

We are delighted that we have approval for the formation of a new elite fencing squad. The selected fencers are to have the opportunity to train during their Games period on Wednesday afternoons. Olympic competitor and fencing coach Katie Arup declared, “This is great news for the top fencers at RBAI. It gives them and me, as their coach, the freedom to focus on the technique that is required at the higher level of competition that these boys are now facing.”

When asked what kind of training the squad will be tackling, she said, “Advanced fencing techniques, certainly. However, there is also a need to improve fitness levels. Fencing is about plyometric strength, sprint capacity and flexibility. Fencing fights require short bursts of intense activity, so we shall be doing lots of plyometric jumping, turning and changing direction exercises to increase the fencers' ability to react and change direction with speed.”

“These boys have been selected for this squad because they have the potential to take their fencing to a higher level. That will take commitment, hard work and determination from each of them.”

Members of the elite fencing squad with coach Katie absent - Paul Verdon

Members of the elite fencing squad with coach Katie (absent - Paul Verdon)