British Science Association Recognises Pupils’ Success

Science pupils at Inst continue to enjoy participating in many activities outside of the curriculum. Through collaboration with organisations such as Sentinus and Queen’s University, we have had an increased number of boys taking part in a wide variety of competitions and projects.

We are delighted to announce that the British Science Association have recognised the hard work of Inst pupils in competitions and project work through the nationally recognised CREST Awards. In the past year, we have had numerous boys entering competitions to gain Bronze, Silver or Gold Awards that we can now use the CREST logo for school publications and the website.

We take this opportunity to congratulate Ross Jenkins of the Upper Sixth whoreceived a very competitive Bursary Placement through Sentinus with IT Company, Instil. At the start of the summer, Ross embarked upon his placement and was able to gain experience in an area of Technology that he is interested in and that will benefit his further education. After completing his placement, he produced a project of his experience and gained a very competitive Gold Crest Award.