Cricket Results

Cricket Results: 30/05/15

Having won their group in the McCullough Cup, the RBAI cricket teams played Wallace High in the semi-final winning 4 out of the 5 games, therefore qualifying for the final of this competition:


Results are as follows:

Team Opponents Result Type of Fixture
1st XI Wallace High

RBAI 169 for 3 (M.   Lightbody 67, B. Mellor 55 not-out)

Wallace 159 for 5

Won by 10 runs

McCullough Cup   semi-final
2nd XI Grosvenor Grammar

Grosvenor 86   All-Out

RBAI 90 for 3

Won by 7 wickets

Duke of Abercorn   Cup Semi-final
U15 XI Wallace High

RBAI 91 for 5 (B.   Rose 57 not out)

Wallace High 66   All-Out

Won by 25 runs

McCullough Cup   semi-final
U14 XI Wallace High

Wallace 86 for 7

RBAI 76 for 8

Lost by 10 runs

McCullough Cup   semi-final
U13 XI Wallace High

RBAI 110 for 1 (O.   Metcalfe 64 not out, S. McLarnon 31 not out)

Wallace High 94   All-Out (T. J Pallin 5 for 28)

Won by 16 runs

McCullough Cup   semi-final
U12 XI Wallace High

Wallace High 63   All-Out

RBAI 64 for 2(T.   Johnston 37 not out)

Won by 8 wickets

McCullough Cup   semi-final

1st XI progress to Cricket Schools Cup Semi-Final

 Many congratulations to the school 1st XI on reaching the semi-final of the Ulster Schools’ Cup after an excellent win at home to Belfast High.

Scores were as follows:

Belfast High 95 All Out (M. Mairs 3 for 17, D. Whitten 3 for 10)

RBAI 97 for 2 (R. O’Donnell 38, B. Mellor 35 not out)

RBAI Won by 8 wickets

 Well done to the 1st XI.


Also in the Schools’ Cup Plate Quarter-final well done to the 2nd XI who defeated Limavady Grammar School 1st XI.

Scores were as follows:

Limavady 73 for 9

RBAI 75 for 6 (B. Smith 31)

RBAI Won by 4 wickets


Cricket Results: 23/05/15

Team Opponents Result Type of Fixture
1st XI B.R.A

B.R.A 157 All-Out   (B. Smith 3 for 37, M. Mairs 3 for 39)

RBAI 127 for 8

Timed game so match drawn

Eadie Shield
2nd XI B.R.A

RBAI 154 for 2 (D.   Robinson 115 not out, C. Robinson 36)

B.R.A 52 All-Out

Won by 102 runs

U15 XI Belfast High

RBAI 124 for 7 (M.   Keane 44)

Belfast High School   58 All-Out

Won by 66 runs

U14 XI B.R.A

B.R.A 135 for 5

RBAI 82 for 8 (E.   Scott 28)

Lost by 53 runs

U13 XI B.R.A

B.R.A 41 All-Out   (B. Crothers 6 for 3)

RBAI 42 for 4

Won by 6 wickets

U12 XI B.R.A

RBAI 100 for 7 (A.   Wylie  24)

         B.R.A  41 All-Out (J.   Dickson 4 for 11)

Won by 59 runs


Cricket: U12 A through to Centenary Cup SF

The Under 12 ‘A’ XI are through to the semi-final of the Centenary Cup after an excellent win against Ballymena Academy.


RBAI 127 FOR 5 (J. Lambert 35)

Ballymena 55 All-Out (T.Johnston 4-21)

RBAI win by 72 runs

Cricket Results: 16/05/15

Many congratulations to school cricketers on finishing top of their group in the McCullough Cup after defeating Campbell College, Grosvenor Grammar and Methody in the group stages.

In the league decider against Campbell College on Saturday, all teams recorded wins. Results are as follows:

Team Opponents Result Type of Fixture
1st XI Campbell College Match conceded by CCB (due to them having   to play a Schools’ Cup match on Saturday) McCullough Cup
2nd XI Campbell College

RBAI 130 for 8 (R.   O’Donnell 34)

Campbell College 82   for 3

Won by 48 Runs

McCullough Cup
U15 XI Campbell College

RBAI 182 for 1(B.   Rose 79, M. Keane 73 not out)

Campbell College   101 All-Out (H. Lowe 3 for 10)

Won by 81 Runs

McCullough Cup
U14 XI Campbell College

RBAI 140 for 7 (S.   Cameron 32)

Campbell College   126 for 8

Won by 14 runs

McCullough Cup
U13 XI Campbell College

RBAI 116 for 6 (S.   McLarnon27, O Metcalfe 26)

Campbell College   113 for 4

Won by   3 runs

McCullough Cup
U12 XI Campbell College

Campbell College 81   for 7 (M. Glasgow 2 for 8)

RBAI 82 for 6 (J.   Dickson 25 not out)

Won by 4 wickets

McCullough Cup