Cricket Results

Cricket Results: Saturday 23rd April

Results from Saturday 23rd April are as follows:

Team Opponents Result Type of Fixture
1st XI Down High

Down High 103

RBAI 104 for 1 (B.Mellor 53 not out)

Won by 9 wickets

2nd XI Grosvenor 1st   XI

RBAI 119 for 8 (B.Rose 54)

Grosvenor 120 for 3

Lost by 7 wickets

Schools’ Cup Round 1
U15 XI Down High

RBAI 118 for 2   (B.McNamara 39 not out, C. Walsh 32)

Down High 87 for 7

Won by 31 runs

U14 XI Down High

RBAI 162 for 2 (S. McLarnon 56, O.Lowe 41 not out,   C. Johnston 31))

Down High 35 all out

Won by 127 runs

U13 XI Friends School

RBAI 235 for 1 (J.Dickson 67, A. Wylie 54 not out, T. Johnston 51 not out)

Friends 70 for 9 76All Out

Won by 165 runs

U12 A ‘s Friends School

RBAI 231 (M.Lowe 58 retired, J. Rose 58 retired)

Friends 35 all out (R. McConnell 3 for 4)

Won by 196 runs

U12 B’s

Cricket Results: Saturday 16th April

Results from Saturday 16th April are as follows:

Team Opponents Result Type of Fixture
1st XI Wallace High

RBAI 129 for 5 (B.Mellor 67 not out)

Wallace High 102   for 7

Won by 27 runs

2nd XI Antrim Grammar 1st s

Antrim 92 for 5 (R.O’Donnell 4 for 10)

RBAI 96 for 1 (B.   Rose 40 not out)

Won by 9 wickets

Schools’ Cup Preliminary Round
U15 XI Wallace High

Wallace 94 for 4

RBAI 90 for 8

Lost by 4 runs

U14 XI Wallace High

RBAI 84 for 4 (O.Metcalfe 29)

Wallace High 85 for   9

Lost by 1 wicket

U13 XI Wallace High

RBAI 105 for 8 (B.Beattie 56 not out)

Wallace 56 all out

Won by 49 runs

U12 A ‘s Wallace High

RBAI 121 for 3 (J.Rose 26)

Wallace 76 All Out

Won by 45 runs

U12 B’s Wallace High

RBAI 154 for 5 (C.Keys 51 retired)

Wallace 124 for 6

Won by 30 runs


Cricket: Results 20/06/15

Results from Saturday 20th June are as follows:

Team Opponents Result Type of Fixture
1st XI Bangor Grammar

Bangor 157 for 6

RBAI 157 for 5 (B.   McGavock 57)

Match tied

Eadie Shield
2nd XI Wallace High 1st   XI

RBAI 87 for 8

Wallace 88 for 8

Lost by 2 wickets

Schools’ Cup Plate   semi-final
U14 XI Bangor Grammar

RBAI 224 for 0 (B.   McNamara 103 not out, C. Walsh 100 not out)

Bangor 60 All-Out   (A. Adair 3for 9, E. Scott 3 for 10)

Won by 164 runs

U13 XI Bangor Grammar

Bangor 94 All-Out   (H. Ellerby 3 for 1 including a Hat-Trick)

RBAI 98 for 2 (J. Postlethwaite   30 Not-Out, O. Metcalfe 35)

Won by 8 wickets

U12 XI Bangor Grammar

RBAI 181 for 3 (J. Dickson 100 Not-Out)

Bangor 118 All-Out

Won by 63 runs


Cricket: Schools Cup semi-final result

It was a first defeat of the season for both the 1st XI and the Under 12 XI on Monday 15th June. Details of these matches are as follows:

Team Opponents Result Type of Fixture
1st XI Campbell College

RBAI 159 (B Cochrane   24, M Lightbody 40, P Dolaghan 23)

Campbell College 160-5   (A. Knape 4-32)

Lost by 5 wickets

Schools’ Cup   Semi-final
U12 XI Methodist College

RBAI 94 (A. Wylie   29, B. Lambert 28)

M.C.B 96 for 1

Lost by 9 wickets

Centenary Cup final

Cricket: RBAI Win the McCullough Cup!

In the final of the McCullough Cup on Saturday the school faced Limavady Grammar at all age groups. The U12's and U13's won, Limavady conceded the 1st XI match, with the U15’s losing. The school therefore won this final overall.

Many congratulations to all the school cricketers on this fantastic achievement on winning the McCullough cup for the 3rd time in 4 years!

Results are as follows:

Team Opponents Result Type of Fixture
1st XI Limavady Grammar Limavady conceded match McCullough Cup final
U15 XI Limavady Grammar

Limavady 145 for 6

RBAI 111 for 8

Lost by 34 runs

McCullough Cup final
U14 XI Limavady Grammar Match to be played on Tuesday McCullough Cup final
U13 XI Limavady Grammar

Limavady 135 for 5

RBAI 136 for 3 (J. Postlethwaite   60 not out, S. McLarnon 31)

Won by 7 wickets

McCullough Cup final
U12 XI Limavady Grammar

RBAI 156 for 9 (J. Dickson 82 not out)

Limavady 106 for 8

Won by 50 runs

McCullough Cup final