Rugby Results

Rugby Results: 10/01/15

Date: Saturday January 10th    
Fixtures   Opposition Result Score
1st XV Vs Presentation Brothers Cork lost 0--10
Medallion A Vs Sullivan lost 7--25

Rugby Results: Christmas period

Date: Saturday 20th December    
1st XV Vs Wallace drew 17-17
2nd XV Vs Wallace won w12-7
Medallion A Vs Wallace drew 10-Oct
U14A Vs Wallace won 59-0
U13A Vs Wallace won w17-5
Date: Saturday 27th December    
1st XV Vs Bangor won 57-0
2nd XV Vs Bangor won 64-0
Medallion A Vs Bangor won 15--12
U13A Vs Bangor won w39-0
Date: Saturday 3rd January    
1st XV Vs Belfast High won 53-3
Medallion A Vs Campbell lost 17-19

Rugby Results: 22/11/14

Date: Saturday November 22nd    
Fixtures   Opposition    
1st XV Vs Campbell won 16--10
2nd XV Vs Campbell won 26--12
Seniors Vs Campbell won 14--0
Colts Vs Campbell won 52--5
Medallion A Vs Campbell won 3--0
Medallion B Vs Campbell won 32--0
U14A Vs Campbell won 36--0
U14B Vs Campbell won 64--0
U13A Vs Campbell won 31--0
U13B Vs Campbell drew 12--12
U13C Vs Campbell won 43--0
U12A Vs CCB lost 4--8
U12 B Vs CCB drew 7--7
U12C Vs  CCB won 19--1
U12D Vs  CCB lost 5--7

Rugby Results: 18/10/14

Date: Saturday October 18th    
Fixtures   Opposition Result Score
1st XV Vs Rainey 1st XV won 34--0
Colts Vs Rainey 2nd XV won 57-0
Seniors Vs Strabane 1st XV won 63-7
Medallion A Vs Rainey won 26--6
Medallion B Vs Strabane A won 38-31
The Under 14 squad played 2 short matches against Rainey and King Edward from England
U14A Vs King Edward won 28-0
U14A Vs Rainey A won 10--5
U14B Vs King Edward won 12--0
U14B Vs Rainey B won 21--0
U13A Vs Wesley won 48--0
U13B Vs Rainey A lost 0--14
U13D Vs Rainey B won 27--7
U12A Vs   See below  

 The under 12 had training as normal and then some boys stayed on to play Rainey in 10 aside matches. The Inst teams won all four of the matches played.

Rugby Results: 11/10/14

Date: Saturday October 11th    
Fixtures   Opposition Result Score
1st XV Vs Coleraine won 25--7
2nd XV Vs Coleraine won 30--5
Seniors Vs Coleraine won 48--0
Medallion A Vs Coleraine won 70--0
U14A Vs Coleraine won 60--0
U14B Vs Coleraine won 60--0
U13A Vs Coleraine won 31--0
U13B Vs Coleraine won 41--0
U13C Vs Coleraine won 55--0
U12A Vs Coleraine See below  
The under 12 also travelled to Coleraine for their first matches for Inst.
They played in 10 aside matches getting 2 games each.
Overall there were 8 matches with Inst winning 7 and a draw in the 8th.