Rugby Results

Rugby Results: 22/01/14

Wednesday 22nd January   Result Score
Medallion 'A' Vs CUS Cranmore won 48--0
4th XV Vs MCB Osborne won 24--7
5th XV Vs MCB Bladon won 34-12
6th XV Vs MCB Bladon lost 22--29

The Medallion Shield draw has been made and RBAI have drawn to play Regent away on Saturday February 1st.

Details of kick off time will follow next week.

Rugby Results: 18/01/14

Date: Saturday January 18th.      
Fixtures   Opposition Venue Result Score
1st XV Vs Sullivan Away Draw 10--10
2nd XV Vs Sullivan Away won 24--0
3rd XV Vs Sullivan Bladon won 50--0
4th Xv Vs Campbell Cranmore 2 won 27--0
Medallion B Vs Carrick 'A' Away lost 13--18
U14A Vs Sullivan Bladon won 10--7
U14B Vs Carrick 'A' Away lost 10--17
U14C Vs Campbell Osborne lost 24--26
U13A Vs Sullivan Osborne won 20--7
U13B Vs Sullivan Osborne won 24--7
U13C Vs Campbell Osborne won 41--10
U12A Vs Friends Away won 21--17
U12C Vs Friends Away lost 0--10

Rugby Results: 10/01/14

Date: Friday January 10th    
Fixtures   Opposition Result Score
1st XV Vs BRA won 50--0
Medallion 'A' XV Vs PBC won 20--0

Rugby Results: Christmas 2013

Date: Christmas Holiday fixtures      
Fixtures   Opposition Venue Result Score
1st XV Vs Belfast High Away won 10--0
1st XV vs Bangor Away won 35--3
2nd XV Vs Bangor Away won 72---0
Medallion Vs Bangor Away won 61--0

Rugby Results: 14/12/13

Fixtures   Opposition Venue Result Score
Medallion A Vs Friends Away won 57--0
U14A Vs Friends Away won 10--0
U14B Vs Dungannon A   won 7--5
U14C Vs Dungannon B   lost 19--26
U13B Vs Friends Away won 15--5
U12A Vs Coleraine Away won 29--10
U12B Vs Coleraine Away won 12--5
U12C Vs Coleraine Away won 38--5