Rugby Results

Rugby Results: 28/09/13

Date: Saturday September 28th 2013      
Fixtures   Opposition Venue Result Score
1st XV Vs Dalriada Away W 22--12
2nd XV Vs Wellington 1st XV Bladon DREW 20--20
3rd XV Vs Dalriada Away W 33--7
4th Xv Vs Wellington Bladon W 15--10
Medallion A Vs Dalriada Cranmore 1 W 45--0
U14A Vs St Mary's Osborne 1 W 14--12
U14B Vs St Mary's Osborne 2 L 5--48
U14C Vs St Mary's Cranmore 2 L 0--35
U13A Vs St Mary's Away W 24--7
U13B Vs St Mary's Away W 38--10
U13C Vs St Mary's Away L 0--32

Rugby Results: 21/09/13

Fixtures   Opposition Venue Result Score
1st XV Vs Ballymena Away W 22--17
2nd XV Vs Ballymena Away W 28--10
3rd XV Vs Ballymena Away W 26--0
4th Xv Vs Ballymena Away W 27--0
Medallion A Vs Ballymena Cranmore 1 W 3--0
U14A Vs Ballymena Bladon 1 L 0--20
U14B Vs Ballymena Bladon 2 W 38--7
U14C Vs Ballymena Cranmore 3 W 32--12
U13A Vs Ballymena Osborne 1 W 38--0
U13B Vs Ballymena Osborne 2 W 48--0
U12A Vs Training Bladon    

Rugby Results: 14/09/13

Date: Saturday September 14th      
Fixtures   Opposition Venue SCORE
1st XV Vs Ulster Youth Cranmore 1 18--6 W
2nd XV Vs Omagh 1st XV Cranmore 1 22--3 W
3rd XV Vs Lurgan Osborne 1 15--0 W
4th Xv Vs Omagh 2nd  Cranmore 2 7--0 W
5th XV Vs Lurgan Osborne 2 0--43 L
Medallion A Vs Omagh Away 60--0 W
Medallion B Vs Lurgan Bladon 14--30 L
Medallion C Vs MCB Osborne 2 5--30 L
U14A Vs Omagh Away 53--0 W
U14C Vs MCB Cranmore 2 19--26 L
U13A Vs Omagh Away 62--0 W
U13C Vs MCB Cranmore 3 17--5 W
U12A Vs Training Bladon    

Rugby: Pirrie Cup

The Pirrie Cup for Senior House rugby was played on Saturday 7th September 2013, at Osborne Park.

In two competitive and closely fought leagues, Kelvin and Larmor emerged to contest the final. Larmor won by 10 points to 3 to retain the Pirrie Cup.

The final places were as follows:

6. Jones

5. Pirrie

4. Stevenson

3. Dill

2. Kelvin

1. Larmor

Corry Cup 2013

The Corry Cup was held on Saturday (31st Aug) at Osborne Park. Over 120 boys took part in the annual House Rugby competition for Year 10 and 11 pupils. The games were as competitive as ever and, after each team had played 5 matches, the final results were as follows - 

1st  Kelvin

2nd  Larmor

3rd  Pirrie

4th  Dill

5th  Stevenson

6th  Jones

Kelvin are to be congratulated on winning all of their games and on not conceding a score in any game.